Here’s why you should support your local

There’s nothing like spending money on a brand that has a story to tell. Often these stories mean you know exactly what you’re buying, like where it’s come from, and even who made it. That’s the beauty of shopping local. You can put a face and name to the hard work and creativity you’re paying for. In fact, buying local brands - whether it’s products or services -  is more than shopping, it’s directly supporting someone’s dream to make a living from a passion.

We say ‘when life gives you apples, make cider’ - and thanks to everyone who loves what we do, we can! We’re stoked to count ourselves among the local community that runs on passion, working hard to produce artisan products for others to enjoy. This may make us bias, but we reckon there are heaps of reasons to shop consciously and support your local makers.

It’s better for you

When you know the story and journey behind the goods, you can see the work that goes into it. You might even get to shake the hands that made it! Anything handmade or in small batches is always bound to be better quality than mass produced stuff and is likely to be a one-off piece. For example, our cider uses local apples, which means they don’t have far to travel (from orchard to production...and then to you). It also means the unique flavour reflects the region. Win-win!

Shopping small and local usually means you’ll get better customer service, too. When you hit send on that email asking about shipping, chances are you’ll get a reply from the same person who is making your product, packing it up and putting it in the post - all with love. And because local businesses rely on each and every purchase, you’re incredibly valued as a customer - and you’ll be remembered!

It’s better for your community

Behind every online shop, market stall, barista counter - these smiling faces are more than makers or creators. The individuals and families behind local businesses are your neighbours, and your community. When you buy local, you’re helping someone just like you thrive. And it’s more than putting food on the table. You’re directly supporting someone to build their vision, by helping turn an idea into a reality. It’s a no-brainer, really.

By contributing to the local economy, you’re also shaping the community you want to live in. Successful local businesses rely on relationships, and with every purchase, you’re building a unique network, and a unique community!

It’s better for our planet

When you buy something - cider, for example - every cent goes towards production. Apples, labels, tools, machines, packaging - even the cardboard used to carry a six pack! The more we can source locally, the less distance your cider has traveled. This saves everything from freight, to refrigeration, to fuel. Lowering production miles reduces your carbon footprint, and has a lesser impact on our environment - which is good for everyone.

So how can you support your local?

It’s pretty simple! Here are a few ways to start (or step up) your local shopping list.

  • Check out local artisan and farmers markets near you
  • Ask local makers for other recommendations; if you want something, they’ll know someone who makes it!
  • Spruce up your living space with a unique piece from a local furniture maker
  • Take opportunities to showcase your region’s produce at your wine and cheese get together
  • Give one-off gifts with locally made products, like jewelry, ceramics, toys, and beauty products
  • Stock your pantry with local teas, jams and other groceries
  • Take a workshop or class, and meet other makers in your area

Our favourite local….

  • Coffee is Commonfolk - more than delicious beans and brews, they make sure every cup counts - find out more here.
  • Pizza and pot - definitely Mornington Brewery! From the usual suspects, to guest appearances from specialty beers, these master brewers know their craft.
  • Style curators are Herman. Threads, jewels, homewares, beauty - all carefully selected to elevate your aesthetic.
  • Ale and wine spot? Norfolk Pines, hands down. From the selection of delicious drops to incredible view, it’s our favourite place to quench a thirst!