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What is Ten Sixty One by Atlanta made of?

Apples. Yep, that’s it. 


Why are you called Ten Sixty One by Atlanta?

We’ll keep it simple. Our Cidery is located at 1061 Stumpy Gully Road. It’s where all the magic happens. Our apples come from our founders family farm, Atlanta Orchards.

And thus the name Ten Sixty One by Atlanta was born.


Who’s Atlanta?

Atlanta comes from “Atalanta the goddess of the golden apples” unfortunately 50 years back an “a” was removed from the original Atlanta Orchards apple box as it couldn't fit the design. 

We recommend you look up Atalanta and the story of the golden apples, she’s a pretty bad bitch. 


How do you make your cider?



What else is in your cider?

Nothing. We don’t add any crap to our cider. It’s just 100% Real apples from our farm. This means: No concentrates, no added sugar, no artificial colours or flavours.


Are you Gluten Free?

Yep. No gluten found here.


Are you Vegan?

Absolutely. We love animals here at Ten Sixty One. One of our resident mad dogs Jasper even has his own Instagram account @urbanzoo


What is your “No Waste Initiative”?

We have a minimal carbon foot print, our apples are farm seconds beautiful to us but rejected for sale. They come straight off the farm, direct to the cidery. Without the need for burning fuel for transportation. All equipment used by the team at Ten Sixty One either uses air compression or electricity which is driven by full solar energy. All packaging is recyclable and is sourced locally. 


Can I order Wholesale?

Of course! Get in touch with one of our epic chicks and they’ll help you out


Where can I find Ten Sixty One by Atlanta?

We’re pretty new, and would love to be at a local near you. For stockist enquiries or other short poems email us


Do you sponsor events or local charities?

We love giving back and supporting our community. If you think we could help you out drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.


Are you really only run by chicks?

Yep. Young, local and passionate chicks that have a hunger for more than just frosé fridays. We’re not basic bitches. We’re on a mission to make our community a better place, one sip of cider at a time.


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